Braces are a major necessity for many children at a young age, and this is commonly a source of stress for many kids. They’re worried about how they’ll look to their friends and being made fun of, and also about the pain involved in the process and any bits of inconvenience for the years they’ll have to wear the braces.

At Stansbury Park Orthodontics, we’ve seen it all in this realm and know exactly how tough it can be for many kids. We’re here to give them the most painless and non-intrusive orthodontist experience possible, and you as a parent can help. Here are some tips for helping ease their nerves both before and after the braces process takes place.

It Isn’t Painful

It’s natural for kids to think getting braces is a painful process, but it really isn’t. The actual insertion of the braces is literally completely painless, and the only minor discomfort they may feel is during the next few weeks while their teeth adjust. Technology these days makes it so there’s no pain necessary.


Kids are worried about how they’ll look with braces, and you have a few outlets here. Firstly, you can encourage them to embrace the experience and try to personalize it to fit their style – colors are a great way to do so.

For children who still struggle, we offer both invisible ceramic braces and clear braces. These won’t always make the braces completely unnoticeable, but they should cut down significantly on stares and comments.

Bully Strategies

For the bullies at school or elsewhere who still insist on using a totally normal childhood event as a source of embarrassment, the usual strategies apply: Be the bigger person, kill them with kindness and, when in doubt, walk away. Tell your kids not to empower a bully by letting them get to you, and to remember that in reality, it’s the bully who should be embarrassed for acting this way.

Better Now Than Later

Remind your kids that if they don’t get the braces process done now, they’ll probably have to do so later in life – in many cases this will hurt more and cause even more social issues than they’re already worried about.

Find the Fun

Braces can be a tough adjustment, but it’s not like there aren’t any good silver linings. How many kids don’t like milkshakes or pudding? They’ll get those in excess right after braces, and maybe some other treats at your discretion. Ice cream, anyone? Try to show them the positives associated with the experience.

For these or any other questions about our orthodontic services, the professionals at Stansbury Park Orthodontics are awaiting your call today.