Our practice offers orthodontic solutions beyond braces and aligners. For complex discrepancies in the alignment of teeth and jaw, we provide the most effective solutions and advanced orthodontic care.

Stansbury Park Orthodontics is a leader in oral surgery in Tooele, also called orthognathic surgery. It is a safe and highly predictable treatment when there are significant irregularities in the size, shape, or position of the upper and lower jaw. In these cases, oral surgery is performed in conjunction with orthodontic treatment.

Our team works closely with the finest surgeons in the valley, and has successfully treated hundreds of combined orthodontic/orthognathic surgery cases. Dr. Mortensen enjoys interdisciplinary cases like these and finds them to be among the most rewarding to treat. The results can truly be life-changing.

A combined orthodontic/orthognathic surgery case is typically treated as follows:

A patient is evaluated by Dr. Mortensen to determine if their case can be treated with orthodontics alone, or if oral surgery will also be required.

If surgery is indicated, a treatment plan is made, and braces are placed.

After approximately 6-12 months in braces (depending on the level of pre-surgical preparation required), surgery is performed by an oral surgeon.

After surgery, the patient will be monitored by the oral surgeon for several weeks. The patient then returns to our office, where Dr. Mortensen finishes the orthodontic treatment, usually lasting another 6-12 months after surgery.

Orthognathic surgery is often intimidating to patients. However, you may be surprised at how simple the process really is. Patients often return to work within a week after the surgery and typically report that the experience was easier and less painful than anticipated. Dr. Mortensen will work closely with you and the oral surgeon to ensure a combined treatment that is as simple and as comfortable as possible.

Our practice embraces a multi-disciplinary approach and personalized orthodontic care when treating serious cases to make sure that the treatment process is efficient.

Don’t let teeth alignment and jaw problems reduce the quality of your life. Leave it to the hands of Stansbury Park Orthodontics. Visit our practice or get in touch with us to schedule an appointment.