Post-Treatment Care

Keep your new smile for life with Stansbury Park Orthodontics’ retention care services.

In most orthodontic treatments, post-treatment care and a retention phase is required to achieve permanent results and prevent unwanted dental movements.

We highly encourage our patients to maintain the same level of commitment to the treatment even after they stop wearing the appliance. This is because at this delicate phase, teeth can still move and gradually shift back to their original position. Bad health and lifestyle choices and a failure to maintain proper oral hygiene will amplify unwanted dental movements.

Retention Phase

Once you complete your active orthodontic treatment, we will continue to see you in the retention phase of the treatment for a minimum of one year. Remember that the retention phase is just as important as the active phase. You must wear your retainers to preserve and stabilize the results and to limit potential changes in your tooth position and keep that new smile.

Retainer Care Tips

  • Remove retainer before brushing.
  • Brush retainer before putting it back in your mouth.
  • Keep away from pets that may want to eat them.
  • Always keep in case and never wrap in a napkin.

From the initial consultation to the retention phase, we persistently stress the importance of aftercare and home retainer care. We provide all the resources and guidance to our patients to help them keep their new smile and lead healthier lives. In addition to providing the retainers, we will also share different strategies to make the retention phase quicker and more convenient for our patients.

As part of our commitment to give permanent solutions to our patients, we offer retainers that correspond with each patient’s choice of treatment. We will make this difficult phase less daunting. To know your options, please give us a call or visit our practice.