Restore Your Smile and Confidence with Clear Braces

Stansbury Park Orthodontics is proud to introduce the latest addition to our range of orthodontic treatments. We now offer clear ceramic braces to Tooele and Grantsville as a more subtle but equally effective alternative to conventional metal braces.

Clear Ceramic Braces

This groundbreaking treatment is a great alternative to conventional metal braces. Clear braces are made of clear, natural tooth-colored materials that fix and align teeth the same way as metal brackets and wires.

However, unlike metal braces, the appliance is removable and more comfortable. It’s an attractive option for patients, especially adults, who are hesitant to wear traditional braces.

The ultimate goal of the treatment is to properly align your teeth and retain the natural aesthetics of your mouth, which will improve your oral health and give you more reason to smile confidently.

Is It Right for You?

After your initial consultation, Dr. Micah Mortensen himself will determine if clear braces are the right option for you. If you decide on pursuing the treatment, our dedicated team will walk you through all the details and answer every possible question you have. More importantly, we will provide you with utmost care and attention so that we will achieve the best outcome.

Our practice has been continually providing Tooele County with the most advanced orthodontic treatments available. We strive to give patients the best treatment option that fits their lifestyle and help them smile more confidently with straighter, healthier teeth.

Get high-quality clear braces in Tooele from Stansbury Park Orthodontics and enjoy the numerous benefits of this groundbreaking treatment. Get in touch with us today.